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Its SUNDAY sticky icky icky

Hay I dunno if anyone will do this but here:

I _____ Torrence.
Torrence is _____.
If I were alone in a room with Torrence, I would _____.
I think Torrence should ______.
Torrence needs ______.
I want to ______ Torrence.
Someday Torrence will ________.
Torrence reminds me of ________.
Without Torrence _______.
Memories of Torrence are _______.
Torrence can be ______.
Worst thing about Torrence is _______.
Best thing about Torrence is _______.
I am ______ with Torrence.

So...Davis is gonna break up w/his girlfriend for me. I don't want him 2, I asked him not 2, but he insists. He doesnt gett it. I don't wamnt a boifriend I want someone to fuck on tha side. I can't commit..why do boys always want 2 commit! And now he's beggin 4 sex so I rilly can't see him nemore. He is great in bed yess but he wants to take it to a higher level. Why can't guys just fuck w/out commitment?

Well, they can n thatz ware Ty comes in. Ty is my best frined from childhood n he called me up thismorning!!! I hadn't seen him since we were 12 n he moved away, but he's back and talked on line a lil so he could gimme his pic n then he came over. We talked for a while longer. I did my popsicle show for him, showin him how i could eat the popsicle w/no hands if he just let me put the stick between his legs. That drove him 2 the point ware he wanted to fuck but I let him hangin for a wile.

I decided it would be more fun to tease him so I got changed rite infront of him, then we went to get some coffee n the whole time I was givin him shit about wantin me n he had a hard on on the ride home. Finally we got back and I fucked his brains out! He said "We can be fuck friends 4ever" coz he doesn't want a gurl. It's perrfect. I'm excited. I have his class pic from last year but its kinda outdated. He's grown a lot n got his eyebrow peirced. Its hott I'll post it l8r Boomspeed isn't workin well rate now.

Okay so he left a while ago n didnt call thank gawd! Tonite I'm stayin up to make a cd 4 ashe's car lol
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