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These thangs r fun lol

A - Age: Almst 16
B - Band: I dunt have my own
C - Choice Of Meat: Non!!! Meat iz murder
D - Dream Date: No romantic shit. Shopping n sex? lol
E - Excites You: Cars
F - Favorite Food: Water
G - Greatest Gift: No gag reflex
H - Happiest Day Of Your Life: When Ashy n I went to Palm Beach in FL n got rilly drunk n had sex 4 tha first time n I found out how good it iz w/girls
I - Internal conflicts: Non!
K - (First) Kiss: Riley Roberts in the back yard when I was 3 lol
M - Most Valuable Thing You Own: I dunt have it yet but my Porsche
N - Name: Torrence K
O - Outfit: Now? k- kitten sox, express gray-black jeans, no underware, sleeveless pink Roxy tank, no bra
P - Pizza Topping: I don't eat pizza it has cheese on it n I'm vegan
Q - Question I want to ask: Will ne1 read this thang?
R - Roots: Portugese n Dutch fucked up combo ha
S - Sport to watch: Basketball *hot guys in shorts my fave!*
T - TV show: I don't watch tv usually but when I do, anything on the-N
U - Unique habits: Sex addiction?
V - View from the window: 2 palm trees, a sidewalk, my mom's car
W - Weather I Love: Sun so I can get my tan on
Y - Yesterday's best meal: n/a.
Z - Zodiac Sign: Cancer

That was fun now its time to go for a run! U don't stay skinny by sittin on ur ass all day!
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