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Stil awake!
whata long nite of partiez n shti. I don't remember when It started or ware but I've been out all nite long.
at 1 point this guy *Calven??* ttok me n 3 guys*Tobey, Jase, Troy* an 2 chiks, 1 I knew *Amber* and 1 I didnt *Caylei?* to this old-fashined resterant I got a coffee n at that point I was rollin I thynk....I dont remember much of it but it was rilly fun.

Then we went to this houseparty Amber said her cousin was havin. We showed up n it was just about 6 peopl gettin baked so we decided to stay and I met this hot grl name Erin. We fooled around a lil in front of the guyz coz they said we should. Jase knew 1 of the guyz there Coopa n had him take me home thats ware I am now. I don't usually party lyk that but it was a lot of fun. Dad just wokr up n asked if I was STILL awake haha lol if he only kneew lol
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