Torrence (sk8rboiluv3r) wrote,


It's been so long since I've posted. Since then I've learned to type correctly...yup. And I've just started a whole new life, though not really terribly new...not so new that I don't see some of the old faces and not do some of the old things...

I've been with Juan for a few months now. Things seem to be going well. he and I are good for eachother. We have an open relation sexually, so I still do things with other people. I like to.

And I crashed my car when I was super drunk a few months ago. I don't drive anymore. I stick to walking...I've gained some weight from the depression after the crash because I did hurt another person, Ron who was in the car w/me.

I'm back to livejournal for now...who knows how long it will last?
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