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Soiled [26 Jul 2003|06:15pm]
It's been so long since I've posted. Since then I've learned to type correctly...yup. And I've just started a whole new life, though not really terribly new...not so new that I don't see some of the old faces and not do some of the old things...

I've been with Juan for a few months now. Things seem to be going well. he and I are good for eachother. We have an open relation sexually, so I still do things with other people. I like to.

And I crashed my car when I was super drunk a few months ago. I don't drive anymore. I stick to walking...I've gained some weight from the depression after the crash because I did hurt another person, Ron who was in the car w/me.

I'm back to livejournal for now...who knows how long it will last?
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Walk away [06 Apr 2003|03:04am]
Walking away from all the sex in my life today. Ashleigh and I both made decisions that we're being too sexually active and we're going to stop for now.

Born again virgins. How bizarre.

I think I'm going to lay this journal to bed for a while.
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[02 Apr 2003|09:55pm]
If u wanna see a pic of me that I found that I caint post on here...comment n I'll send it to u privately...
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[31 Mar 2003|06:05pm]
[ mood | horny ]

today i went 2 skool but desided that I couldnt stay the whole day cuz I felt pretty sick. Mum n dad n every1 went to dinner witch was cool. I stayed home n wanted so bad to fuck so finally I just got myself off. it was awsome. I was readin the rollin stone w/jenna jameson's lil article about sex grr....she'd be hott 2 fuck.
so I spent a long time fingerin myself n using my dildo to get myself off...then what happens? Ty stops by.
Rite when I was in the middle of it all.

So he walks in, I've got my legs on the wall and I'm fuckin my dildo n he spins me around n pull sit out of me and makes me lick it off. Then he starts eatin me out nice n slo n then he fucked my brainz out for like an hour!!! All positions it was nice.

He just left n I am tired all ready that coke wore me out.
I'm gonna go running now I guess n get ready for later cuz he said he's cuming back n he's bringing his girlfriend ;)

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[31 Mar 2003|05:27am]
I havint ben 2 sleep yet lol

Spoze I shud tho cuz u no how it is w/skool n all.
Last nite wuz crazy!!!

Just wanted 2 say I need more lj frends!! CUM on ppl!!
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[30 Mar 2003|04:59pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Wayl I just got back frum a run....6 miles not bad. Weighed in today - 94 pounds witch is pretty good. I hate fatties who r constantly compaining bout how fat they r n then they eat shitlodes of food. It's lieke CRIST if you want to be thin stop eating all day long. 3 meals a day - oviously u caint handle it if u weigh like 130 pounds PLZZZ

130 FRIGGIN POUNDS!! How fatt is that??? gawd. So glad I'm not lyk that. Atleast if I want somethin I go 4 it.

Like, sex. If I see a guy whoze hott and not acting needy, I just fuck him I just get what I want.

Today I bought new shoes - I got a great deal on em too

Got these hotties for only 450 buckz!!! 450!! OMG what a steal they were originally 550 which I wudda paid.


hott deal.

I think I'm gonna try to do some lines 2nite get all fukked up n invite Ashleigh n Ty over 4 a 3sum cuz I'm in the mood for sexx in a big bad way. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday so she's taking everyone out 4 dinner. Which is lyk EEW she said "Torrence YOU HAVE TO GO" so I'm gonna fake sick, prolly the coke will get me sick anyway.

I need sex now. Ash ware r u????

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[27 Mar 2003|05:39pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Anuthr long day...
Theze past few weekz I been voluntering at the Red Cross helpin out w/blood donations n fund raisers n all that jazz *CHICAGO!* n u wudn't believe how many ppl cum in n donate n r scaired out of their mindz cuz of tha little needle! Sum chicken out can u believe it? Just a lil needle prick 2 sav sum1z lyfe n thay caint handle it. I caint wait til I'm old enuff 2 donait.

If ur all wondering why I hvant decided to disclose this info to u l8ly it has sumthing 2 do w/DRAMA. There are I guess sum ppl who deside 2 read my journal n make comments 2 me that are hurtful n mean n they desensitize themselves to human suffering cuz they jsut see words on a monitor. Well dem words came from my fingers, from my handz, from my body which is attached 2 my heart n it duznt feel gud when ppl are mean. So I desided that I'd take a brake from bein online soo much n do sumthing useful 2 see if thesse ppl wud stop buggin me. Well guess what they just keep cumin back for more!!!!

Itz like...I didn't go find u n tell u u were stupid, y u have so much time u cain spend to make fun o me? If u have this much time...go do sumthing useful w/urself instead of causing more pain 4 the world . There's already enuf pain plz.

Well I'm tyred like a dawg n I need some dick so I'm gonna go call up trey n fuck til I'm sore...smoke a few n get 2 bed. Nite nite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[26 Mar 2003|07:59pm]
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[22 Mar 2003|09:25am]
aawwww gawd I been so busy l8ly!!!!

Ash is alwais takin me pplaces but l8ly I been partyin w/ a bunch of guyz from campus...just lyk nonstop. Thats ware I am headed in a bit. Gotta get dressed n shyt.

Sorry itz been so long. Tym 2 go get trashed n fuck!!!
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Study hall o trusty laptop [14 Mar 2003|10:14am]
[ mood | cranky ]

U guys I caint do it ne more. I caint go on! Every day gettin up 2 go 2 school itz just killin me! Tomorrow is Ash's 16th b-day so she'll be able 2 drive thank gawd but still!

I have like no freedom what so evr. I caint drive msyelf to school r nething. I need a vaca soon!!!

I wish I was a lil bit older so I could drive msyelf

Dads arready cuttin back my allowance too how am I supposed to live off this shit!@ I gotta go shoppin I was gettin 200 now its 150! I need 2 go shoppin n shit 2 cum on!

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[13 Mar 2003|01:14pm]
We are at Ashleigh's house now waitin 4 her parents to come home so we can go get that stereo installed.
its much hotter than the 1 the car came w/.

feels like this day will never end
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[11 Mar 2003|07:41am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Im just about to head to school so guys I desided to go 2day.
I just wannted to update 1nce 2 say that I am goin. I dont wanna go but I woke up actually on tiem n I got dressed so may as well go lol


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[10 Mar 2003|02:53pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I just joined a cool comm. called hot fashion. It looksl ike it will b fun.

My dilemma of the day:
malibu high is kickin my ass out! I never go n I'm a bad studenmt while I'm there *Sorry about the typin I'm high of my assssss" but if that happens Dad is DEF. not buying the porsche. What will I do? I wanna be a fashion desginer 2 the rock stars. Maybe I'll get my GED but I wont see ne of my friends.

I should go to school more but its so hard to even get up in tha mornin. Mom offred homeschoolin. Ged woudl be better than that tho. Maybe if I dropped out now and got my GED i could go str8 to college next year!!! Lol I dunno...I'm smart I just hait school.


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These thangs r fun lol [10 Mar 2003|09:39am]
[ mood | naughty ]

A - Age: Almst 16
B - Band: I dunt have my own
C - Choice Of Meat: Non!!! Meat iz murder
D - Dream Date: No romantic shit. Shopping n sex? lol
E - Excites You: Cars
F - Favorite Food: Water
G - Greatest Gift: No gag reflex
H - Happiest Day Of Your Life: When Ashy n I went to Palm Beach in FL n got rilly drunk n had sex 4 tha first time n I found out how good it iz w/girls
I - Internal conflicts: Non!
K - (First) Kiss: Riley Roberts in the back yard when I was 3 lol
M - Most Valuable Thing You Own: I dunt have it yet but my Porsche
N - Name: Torrence K
O - Outfit: Now? k- kitten sox, express gray-black jeans, no underware, sleeveless pink Roxy tank, no bra
P - Pizza Topping: I don't eat pizza it has cheese on it n I'm vegan
Q - Question I want to ask: Will ne1 read this thang?
R - Roots: Portugese n Dutch fucked up combo ha
S - Sport to watch: Basketball *hot guys in shorts my fave!*
T - TV show: I don't watch tv usually but when I do, anything on the-N
U - Unique habits: Sex addiction?
V - View from the window: 2 palm trees, a sidewalk, my mom's car
W - Weather I Love: Sun so I can get my tan on
Y - Yesterday's best meal: n/a.
Z - Zodiac Sign: Cancer

That was fun now its time to go for a run! U don't stay skinny by sittin on ur ass all day!

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[10 Mar 2003|05:33am]
I made dollz 4 all my frends: n we're all fairies:


Lol I caint sleep la la la
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[10 Mar 2003|04:48am]
So I picked out tha jewelry Im gettin when Dad takez meh to Tiffany for his father-daughter day :) He allows me to get a few pieces, its tha day when he buys my love coz he feels so guilty lol

This is the first 1:
Simple but prrfict for almost everything I own
I like wide cuff bracelets n this 1 is prrfect n it has the t&co rite on thare so I wont forget ware it came from

This 1 is cool I love bracelets 2 much!! lol

This is grate 2 n very affordable 4 those of u who don't have ur dad to buy u everything u want haha

see it matches the bracelet I'm smart!!
Dad usually makes me get 6 things so I picked out 1 last thing:

Thumbprint money clip lol!!!!! Yah its for my cash I think its cute n 1nce again, affordable for u who provide 4 urself.

I made 2 dolls 4 me coz I was bored:

Dollz r fun

k lata
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Its SUNDAY sticky icky icky [09 Mar 2003|10:59pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Hay I dunno if anyone will do this but here:

I _____ Torrence.
Torrence is _____.
If I were alone in a room with Torrence, I would _____.
I think Torrence should ______.
Torrence needs ______.
I want to ______ Torrence.
Someday Torrence will ________.
Torrence reminds me of ________.
Without Torrence _______.
Memories of Torrence are _______.
Torrence can be ______.
Worst thing about Torrence is _______.
Best thing about Torrence is _______.
I am ______ with Torrence.

So...Davis is gonna break up w/his girlfriend for me. I don't want him 2, I asked him not 2, but he insists. He doesnt gett it. I don't wamnt a boifriend I want someone to fuck on tha side. I can't commit..why do boys always want 2 commit! And now he's beggin 4 sex so I rilly can't see him nemore. He is great in bed yess but he wants to take it to a higher level. Why can't guys just fuck w/out commitment?

Well, they can n thatz ware Ty comes in. Ty is my best frined from childhood n he called me up thismorning!!! I hadn't seen him since we were 12 n he moved away, but he's back and talked on line a lil so he could gimme his pic n then he came over. We talked for a while longer. I did my popsicle show for him, showin him how i could eat the popsicle w/no hands if he just let me put the stick between his legs. That drove him 2 the point ware he wanted to fuck but I let him hangin for a wile.

I decided it would be more fun to tease him so I got changed rite infront of him, then we went to get some coffee n the whole time I was givin him shit about wantin me n he had a hard on on the ride home. Finally we got back and I fucked his brains out! He said "We can be fuck friends 4ever" coz he doesn't want a gurl. It's perrfect. I'm excited. I have his class pic from last year but its kinda outdated. He's grown a lot n got his eyebrow peirced. Its hott I'll post it l8r Boomspeed isn't workin well rate now.

Okay so he left a while ago n didnt call thank gawd! Tonite I'm stayin up to make a cd 4 ashe's car lol

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[08 Mar 2003|02:50pm]
I'm gettin into theze:

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Ash I made u sumpin [08 Mar 2003|10:02am]
I couldnt sleep so I made u this:

Hope you likeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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WOoooo [08 Mar 2003|06:06am]
[ mood | peaceful ]

Stil awake!
whata long nite of partiez n shti. I don't remember when It started or ware but I've been out all nite long.
at 1 point this guy *Calven??* ttok me n 3 guys*Tobey, Jase, Troy* an 2 chiks, 1 I knew *Amber* and 1 I didnt *Caylei?* to this old-fashined resterant I got a coffee n at that point I was rollin I thynk....I dont remember much of it but it was rilly fun.

Then we went to this houseparty Amber said her cousin was havin. We showed up n it was just about 6 peopl gettin baked so we decided to stay and I met this hot grl name Erin. We fooled around a lil in front of the guyz coz they said we should. Jase knew 1 of the guyz there Coopa n had him take me home thats ware I am now. I don't usually party lyk that but it was a lot of fun. Dad just wokr up n asked if I was STILL awake haha lol if he only kneew lol

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